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Celebrity Cruises Departure Lounge at Stansted.

Celebrity Cruises – Stansted
When I received an invitation to join Celebrity Cruises for the launch of their new departure lounge at Stansted I didn’t really know what to expect. I honestly had a vision of going into the main terminal, through the nightmare of check in and security then into a lounge near the departure gate that would maybe have some comfy sears in and some tea and coffee……..boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong!! The first and most important bonus was that we didn’t even have to step foot into Stansted airport itself. Instead we drove past the Hilton Hotel and onto what is described as a Business Park. Once on the Business Park we followed the very clear signs to the Jetline Lounge and parked our car. Still mystified we walked into the building and were greeted by the ultimate in luxury – I was literally silenced by the plushness of this place!! Lovely, comfortable sofas, glass topped tables, magazines dotted around plus the most awesome chandeliers and lights that I had ever seen – all before you’ve actually checked in.

Exterior reception Troy ~Jetsetsail thrones

Check in consists of 2 counters – not dissimilar to what you would expect at a high end Kensington boutique. Here the lovely people take your luggage, check you in for your flight and hand you your boarding pass and permission to enter paradise before you even get on holiday. Directly after this you go through security – no traipsing half way across the terminal, it was merely a few steps away from check in and literally takes about 2 minutes. Then as if that’s not enough you step into the heart of the lounge and this, my friends, is where your holiday truly begins. More of those amazingly comfortable, plush sofas (all different designs but all matching each other), Conde Nast and equably sophisticated publications scattered round, tasteful flower arrangements, free refreshments and even, for those who are partial, the most fashionable smoking area I have ever laid eyes on which had the added bonus of being a sun trap where you could catch a few rays before you board the plane. Staff are polite, discreet, smartly dressed and will cater to your every whim. Even the toilets are nicely designed with you own sink area and lush toiletries.
tree and sofa sofas2 lounge1 sofa overview lounge bathroom

When your flight is ready you are taken to departures which is a few steps from the lounge and as if by magic your aircraft awaits…….right outside. On the day we visited it took about half a minute to walk to the plane and we were apologies profusely and told ‘its further away than normal as there’s a private jet parked right outside’. Honestly I felt like I was in a dream!!
Once on board seats are all leather with a 31-32 inch seat pitch – there are 3 rows less then your normal Easyjet and Ryanair and what a difference it makes. The head rests also seemed a bit lower – although still well positioned – giving a sense of openness to the aircraft where it can sometimes feel a little closed in and claustrophobic. When your flight lands back from your holiday its 1 minute walk to departures which is in the same lounge, a quick and simple luggage collection and passport control (plus another bar and lounge area if you are waiting for a lift……or want to prolong your holiday with just 1 more glass of bubble) then outside to your car which will be where you left it when you arrived – right outside the lounge. It has been said that the disembarkation of the aircraft, luggage collection, passport control and collection of your car can be done in around 6 minutes and I find that easy to believe.

plane inside plane light flowers

I was absolutely blown away by it all and I think what I loved most (apart from the amazing canapes) was that the other people in the lounge would all be going on your cruise so it almost felt like an intimate club you belonged to and you could also, if you wish, strike up conversation with other like minded passengers knowing you had some things in common already!!
But how much is it I hear you cry?? Suprisingly litte, considering what you get, because I have to admit one of my thoughts on entering was ‘its lovely but I bet its going to cost’. To give you an idea a 7 night Mediterranean sailing in May 2016 starts at £1599.00 per person for a Balcony cabin. The Jet Set Sail package (that is within that price) includes:
-Secure parking at the Private Jet Terminal.
-Access to the lounge and refreshments.
-Luggage allowance of 25kg (23kg if you are flying to Athens).
-2 course in flight meal outbound and inbound.
-Return transfers on arrival at your destination.
-Priority embarkation at cruise port.
So it really is value for money.
Would I recommend it? Absolutley
Will I be using the service myself? Definitley.
Is it worth the cost? Without a doubt.
Will I be taking advantage of the shorter 60 minute check in time? NO WAY – I would want at least 2 hours in that place – in fact you would be hard pushed to get me out of there for my actual holiday!!


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