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Day 2 of our Royal Clipper voyage.

Please enjoy day 2 of our blog in beautiful Hvar.

Dani & Brooke

Danielle and I met for breakfast at 0930 after a much needed rest. As always with the food on board, we were spoilt for choice. From fresh fruit to a full fry up there is something for everyone. I had a plate full of scrambled eggs, bacon, bread and beans. Not the light breakfast I had in mind!

Today’s destination was Hvar, a place I had wanted to visit for a long time. It was the highlight of the itinerary for me however with the 33 degree heat we decided to wait until the afternoon to explore this beautiful harbor. This gave us the perfect opening in our schedule to try out some water sports.

As part of the Star Clipper experience, we offer a complimentary water-sports programme. This includes; kayaking, snorkeling, water skiing, wake boarding, pequot sailing and swimming. The marina platform lowers from the back of the ship so you can do all of these activities directly from the ship in to the ocean. There is a water sports team on every sailing who are on hand to help…

The sea looked very inviting, a great way to cool down in the heat. We swam over to the lilos floating in front of the platform which are all attached to the ship by a rope so there was no worry of floating too far away. Whilst laying in the sun just a few meters from the ship, the view of the Royal Clipper was incredible and made me feel tiny in comparison to her magnificent form.

The ship was due to leave Hvar at 5pm so we only had a few more hours to go and explore.

Hvar – The St Tropez of Croatia. Millionaires impressive yachts lined the harbor where people sat in sophisticated cocktail bars soaking up the bustling atmosphere. Individual stools selling Croatian jewellery alongside endless supplies of the local lavender meaning the powerful floral scent filled the air of the beautiful old town. The cobbled streets and main square were reminiscent of Dubrovnik with many old churches and Mediterranean restaurants acting as the heart of Hvar.

We found ourselves aimlessly strolling around the harbor and stumbled across the hotel Adriana which sign posted a ‘roof top bar’ on its 4th floor. With the thought of the views this bar would have over Hvar harbor, we had no hesitation in going up to the 4th floor. It was breathtaking, we had sight of the yachts, small and large and to our left the old fort of Hvar. With cocktails on order, we really were in heaven.

We were back on board on the last tender where we would shortly be setting sail in daylight. Once again we joined the officers on the sun deck to experience sail away in a very different way. Sail away always gives me a warm feeling but it’s a very different experience in day light, just as magical as a midnight sail away but in another way.

Tonight was Captains night followed by the talent show, this is what I had been looking forward to all day. After a refreshing shower we met again in The Tropical Bar before dinner. On this special night we were joined by 2 new faces, a young female travel agent and a gentleman in his 80’s. I am always having the same debate with myself every dinner time, deciding what out of all the amazing food to eat. Tonight I had scallops, beef Rossini, and of course baked Alaska, the tradition on most conventional cruise ships.

Captain Sergey had the attention of the whole room when giving his speech, raising a glass with the complimentary champagne for this occasion – applause filled the air. It was a fantastic dinner and not many people wanted the night to end there so headed up to the Tropical Bar for the talent show.

It was lovely to see the passengers getting involved in the show as well as the staff. They gave us some great performances of singing, clarinet playing and dancing. The waiters from Goa gave a traditional Goan dance, the bartenders formed a band and played and sang ‘hotel California’ encouraging guests to sing along. We even had the Captain playing the guitar and singing Russian folklore music, now I’m not sure you’d see that on many other cruise ships. By 1130 the talent show had finished but the night was just getting started as the dance floor filled and the music played entertaining guests for a few more hours. The ambiance tonight was wonderful, everyone was enjoying themselves in the friendly and lively atmosphere on board.


Star Clipper Nautical 4


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