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Voyages to Antiquity

Enjoy a cruise experience which is designed for travellers who want to understand more about the history, culture and natural wonders of the ancient world. Our small ship, Aegean Odyssey, is perfectly suited to our destination-rich itineraries while our lecture programme connects you with the places you’ll visit before you even go ashore.

Small ship cruising at its best

The size of our ship allows us to visit harbours other vessels cannot reach, meaning we can offer a broader range of destinations.

Outstanding itineraries

We pride ourselves on the destinations we offer; from the famous sites to the lesser known but equally stunning places, they have all been carefully selected in conjunction with noted historians.

Travel with the experts

Accompanying you on each cruise are celebrated guest speakers who have been carefully selected for their knowledge of the areas we visit and their ability to bring the history of these remarkable civilisations and cultures to life. Lecturers include historians, professors, archaeologists and more, all well regarded in their respective fields.

A great deal for single passengers

Our cruises are an excellent choice if you are travelling on your own. We offer low supplements, dedicated single cabins and a friendly atmosphere on board our small ship.

Introducing a different kind of Caribbean

When most people think about the Caribbean, their imagination takes them little further than a winter-sun holiday of warm seas and cold drinks played out to a carnival beat. There is, however, a great deal more to these islands and coastlines than rum, reggae and white sandy beaches.

Indeed, this is a region with a rich and fascinating history and culture. It also boasts some of the most stunning flora and fauna in the world.  In this brochure, you will discover the other more exciting story of the West Indies, Mexico’s Caribbean coast and Cuba. What you will find is a world away from the typical tourist spots favoured by the giant cruise ships that disgorge thousands of passengers on the islands they visit.


Ancient Temples and Lost Civilisations

A brief history of the regions we visit

When European explorers first travelled to the New World, there were primarily two indigenous races living in the Caribbean: the Tainos (or Arawaks), who originally settled in the Windwards and Leewards and eventually inhabited the Greater Antilles and the Bahamas; and the Caribs who came from Venezuela in South America and lived throughout the Lesser Antilles. The Tainos (which translates to “peace”) began populating the region around a few hundred years BC. They were mainly hunter/gatherers, but a few crops like cassava and maize were cultivated. Although the more aggressive, Carib tribesmen began systematically forcing the Tainos off the islands, but it was the Spanish explorers who ultimately exterminated the Tainos. During their quest for gold, the Spaniards eradicated the tribe in fewer than fifty years. A warrior tribe, the Caribs wore their dark, black hair oiled and long. Their native dress consisted of parrot feathers, necklaces made of victims’ teeth, and red body paint. The Carib people cultivated foods such as “yuca” and sweet potatoes. The Caribs were also said to be an expert and aggressive hunting tribe; the men were excellent shots with bows and arrows but their rapid-fire hunting was not limited to the land. With 100-men “piragua” canoes they would attack vessels on ocean waters. Almost no indigenous Caribbean Indians survive today. However, there is a lasting legacy of their history in the Arawak features found in the faces of some modern-day ancestors.

Tropical islands ~ NATURAL WONDERS

The Caribbean attraction

As well as being rich in culture and history, the Caribbean boasts an amazing variety of flora and fauna. From migratory humpback whales and magnificent turtles to brightly-coloured reef fish and an extraordinary variety of birdlife, these islands have it all. This is a region of beautiful landscapes.

Not only will you find pristine beaches and coral reefs, but also rainforests and lush tropical flower gardens. From the dramatic rocky outcrops on the Atlantic Ocean side of Barbados to the jungle-clad slopes of Jamaica, the West Indies is full of natural wonders.

The Cuba Experience! The heart of our Caribbean

Lying some 90 miles off the coast of Florida, Cuba is by far the largest, and many would say, most delightful of the islands in the Caribbean. When Christopher Columbus landed here in 1492 he was moved to describe the country as “the most beautiful that human eyes have ever seen”. The passing of time has done little to alter the scene that greeted the intrepid explorer and visitors today will still be stunned by the landscapes and friendly people – the reason why we have made Cuba the heart of our winter cruise programme. We hope you will join us to rediscover the new Cuba.

Voyages to Antiquity – far more than a Caribbean cruise

Voyages to Antiquity prides itself on the detail and planning of these cruise holidays. Our aim is not only to offer an insight into the history of the countries and islands you will visit, but to blend this with the incredible wealth of culture and scenic beauty. With all the benefits of small-ship cruising, included sightseeing excursions, and all the inclusions featured, Voyages to Antiquity provides a unique and personal cruise holiday experience – very different from cruising on the megaliners of today. These voyages also represent outstanding value for money and we hope you will be inspired as you browse through this brochure – and take advantage of our Special Saver Fares.

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