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River Cruising

River Cruising has been the travel industries best kept secret, but is now growing from strength to strength and an experience we would thoroughly recommend.

Imagine gliding down the river, with the elegance of a swan, at a pace tranquil enough to relax even the busiest and stressful of lives, allowing you to take in the breathtaking natural beauty of all that surrounds you. If you enjoy history, castles, wildlife and cities then this type of holiday is definitely for you. Perfect for a group of friends, of just the two of you…

Every day is a feast filled with culture, as your boat sits alongside the river bank right in the heart of the city, town or even village you are lucky enough to be discovering.

By day, explore petite French towns, historic German landmarks, or even the Pyramids and Sphinx, and by night, enjoy culinary delights in an intimate, personal atmosphere with exceptional service, your own floating luxurious hotel.

And now the rivers of the world are becoming more available so let your imagination take over and enjoy The Mekong, (Rivers in Burma), The River Kerla or The Yangtze. Here it is culture all the way, people, colours, smells and sheer breathtaking scenery as each day brings a new destination. A fabulous way to see so much more of the hidden beauty of these exotic destinations

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