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The masts alone soar more than two hundred feet into the sky. At the bow, a graceful bowsprit has nets that you can climb into and watch dolphins from. And for pure drama, the sight of thousands of feet of slowly lowering, billowing white sails is impossible to beat. They come down like a series of spectacular stage curtains on one of the most magnificent shows at sea; the sparkling, pristine beauty of a Star Clipper.
Three spectacular throwbacks to the golden age of sail, the Star Clipper ships are nothing less than the cathedrals of the sea; vast, impressive, and harking back to another time and place. Boarding any of them is an adventure like no other. Each one is as distinct as a human fingerprint.
Star Flyer and Star Clipper are gleaming white sister ships, each as graceful as a swan. The proud, deep blue hulled Royal Clipper is a vast, five masted monument to another time and place. And yet, each has every modern comfort and convenience to make your time on board a truly memorable, life affirming adventure.
It is all about the experience of being at sea on a real ship. Wood, brass and beautiful maritime paintings give just the right tone to these tremendous ships. You can help with the sails if you are so moved, and even climb the rigging to the mast look outs, too. Of course, you can do nothing more energetic than lay around one of the small, funky pools on board with a drink, a book, or even both. That’s just as much fun as well.
Carrying between 170 to 300 passengers, the Star Clippers are warm and intimate, and small enough to get into the sweet little, highly styled yacht harbours in the Mediterranean and Caribbean that the big ships have to pass by. It really is a totally different way of sailing; more of a voyage than a normal cruise experience.
During the summer, the three ships can usually be found in the warm, welcoming western Mediterranean, or cutting an indolent swathe through the historic, hedonistic highlights of the Greek islands. Each autumn, they surge ahead of the coming winter like exotic birds of passage, spending their time pirouetting gracefully around the sun splashed playgrounds of the sparkling Caribbean.
But wherever you board one of these graceful giants, you’ll have tall tales to tell on your return. Best bit? They are all true, too.

A New Ship being built for the Star Clipper Fleet

We are truly thrilled to share the fantastic news that the Star Clipper Fleet is expanding. A new Star Clipper Sailing Ship is in development due to be launched in summer 2017. The yet to be named vessel will be the biggest in the fleet, boasting 34 suites with balconies and 4 owners suites.

There will also be 3 swimming pools and a watersports platform. Initially sailing the popular Mediterranean and Caribbean with itineraries expected to be on sale from 2016. We will keep you abreast of progress and look forward to unveiling more details when we have them.

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