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We can’t write a piece about Florida and not mention theme parks. From Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens and Sea world there is so much to do. Whether you want adventurous rides or to meet your favourite movie character, these parks are for the big kid in all of us.  If you are looking to book a holiday involving theme parks then we have 3 words to use as a rule of thumb:

Plan, Pre – book and Enjoy

What is great is there are many different ways you can book your theme park days to suit you and it can all be done with us to ensure you maximise your time on the rides and not in the queues.

Of course when you are all theme parked out (if that’s possible) or they are simply not what you are looking for in a holiday, then Florida certainly has a lot more to offer.  With its nickname as the Sunshine State then you can rest assured that the weather will almost certainly ensure you can make the most of every day of your holiday.

Perhaps you fancy Miami with its sandy white beaches, clear blue sea, array of shops, beachfront restaurants and bars with a buzzing nightlife.

Or are you looking to embark upon a Fly Drive where you can explore Florida at your leisure going where the cool breeze takes you. A spot of Golf perhaps  in the sunshine state with many fabulous courses on offer, and of course don’t forget that Florida boasts an array of outdoor activities as adventurous or as calm as you prefer.

With the stunning Florida Keys, Everglades national park a UNESCO world heritage site and so much more to do you really need to put Florida on you places to go list!



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