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Are you a seasoned river cruise traveller or are you looking to embark on your first river cruise adventure? You may be wondering which company best suits your style of holiday and which river might provide you with the type of holiday you desire. This is where we know Ponders Travel can help! Our staff have travelled on many of the rivers around the world and been on-board a diverse and vast array of river cruise ships. We are just like you and we have different tastes, so when it comes to helping you decide on what, when and where might suit you best, be rest assured we will not only be offering a first-hand, honest opinion but advice and guidance from all our experienced team.

This will provide you with a great starting point to plan your holiday, however, we are delighted to offer you, just that little bit more…

We have access to every river cruise operator, every itinerary on every river around the world and access to the widest choice of travel options. We are here to listen to all of your holiday wishes and from there we can consider the best options for you. Our team are the experts in tailor making as we have been doing it for over 30 years.

If you haven’t yet been on a river cruise, you may ask yourself “is a river cruise for me?”. Unlike an ocean cruises, a river cruise will provide you with an opportunity to travel further inland into many little towns and villages across the world in luxurious and elegant style. Embark on a cultural journey of charming towns, fascinating landmarks and architectural delights. Your floating hotel for the duration of your holiday will simply arrive in the heart of its destinations allowing you to immerse yourself further into the places you are visiting.

Each river cruise vessel is much smaller than most ocean-bound ships, which means you will be able to enjoy travelling at a calmer pace and receive a more personalised level of service on board.

A river cruise really is a feast for all the senses, with local guides providing in-depth tours of each destination, five-star on board cuisine that reflects the region you are sailing and performances from local bands and musicians all blending together to offer a unique cultural insight.

We hope we can help you plan and prepare for your river cruise; it could be anything from the historic waterways of Europe to mystical Asian rivers, the American Mississippi, African wildlife adventures or the Amazonian jungle, there really is an experience waiting for everyone.  Ponders is so proud to have won many awards in the River Cruise sector and we pride ourselves on knowing more than most. We have cruised the Rhone & Saone, Bordeaux, The Loire, The River Po, The Guadalquivir, The Main, Mosselle, The Danube, The Douro, The Rhine, Brahmaputra and the Mekong!

Where have we been?

Clare has been lucky enough to sail the Rhone & Saone with Uniworld The Douro with Croisi Europe, The Rhine, The River Po, Bordeaux which includes Garonne, Gironde and Dordogne rivers and The Danube.  Clare has also spent a few nights in Nantes and enjoyed the Loire Princess.

Zoltan has experienced many of the rivers that Clare has sailed on and actually has an office in Hungary with a view of the Danube on which he has sailed east toward the Black Sea.  He has also enjoyed The Seine in France and the Guadalquivir and Guadiana rivers in Spain.

Millie had an amazing experience sailing the Brahmaputra in India!

Megan has sailed on the Rhine and knows the Dutch and Belgian Canals well

Yvonne has been to on the Danube from Vilsofen to Budapest with AmaWaterways onboard AmaSerena and also the Crystal Mahler on the Rhine from Amsterdam to Cologne at New Year! She loves the Christmas/Winter river cruise concept.

Our personal experience

European Rivers

European Rivers

Rivers of the World

Rivers of the World

Looking for more information?

You are welcome to pop into our boutique shop on Over High Street, it would be so lovely to see you and our expert team can be on hand to assist you with any travel queries!

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