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Antarctica stands as the last unexplored land on the planet. Situated well beyond civilisation at the bottom of the world, this forgotten continent is encased in 90% of the Earth’s ice. The snow-covered scenery is an awe-inspiring spectacle of mighty mountains and gigantic glaciers glistening in the summer sunshine.

Top Tips: What to Pack?

  • Woollen Layers – Your base layer is perhaps the most important – and it’s important to bring a few different sets. Thin wool is one of the best options, as it’s not too tight to prevent a warm layer of air from forming around your body, but it’s also ultra-insulating. 
  • Fleece– While several second layers function well over a warm base, fleece is one of the warmest and most versatile. It’s a great layering piece because you can wear it on its own on warmer days, on board the ship while you’re relaxing and underneath a windbreaker on the coldest days of your expedition. 
  • Thick Socks – Many people underestimate the power of layering your socks, but keeping your feet snug and warm will in turn keep your body warm. Over those thin woollen socks you packed, put a thicker pair to trap even more heat.
  • Sunglasses – This one might surprise you, but Antarctica can actually be a pretty sunny place (sometimes even in the middle of the night). Pair that with the endless expanse of reflective white snow, and you have a recipe for a ton of glare. While any sunglasses will be helpful, it’s best to opt for polarised ones on a trip like this. An even better idea: Bring an extra pair, just in case. 
  • A Camera (and a Waterproof Bag) – Whichever kind of camera you opt to bring along for the ride, make sure you have a waterproof bag, as rough waters and rides in the Zodiac mean you will likely get splashed at some point. 
  • A Face Mask – Winds in Antarctica can be intense, especially when you’re cruising along the water in a Zodiac. Make sure you bring a face mask to help keep you warm – and prevent some serious wind burn. 
  • Sunscreen – Antarctica may be cold, but it’s the highest continent on Earth and is located under a relatively thinner layer of ozone than most places. Make sure any exposed areas of your skin are covered in a protective layer of sunscreen to prevent burns. 
  • A Hat – This one goes without saying – in such a cold climate, you’re going to need a good hat that covers your ears. 
  • Moisturisers and Lip Balm – Due to Antarctica’s low temperatures and high altitude, the air is pretty dry. Your skin and lips may get a little scaly, so be sure you have plenty of moisturisers on board. 

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