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Canal du Midi

A Travel agent’s role usually comes with the privilege that there are opportunities to experience new destinations, discover new offerings within the travel market. This is a great way to “live it, believe it” and get excited and confident to share it with our clients from the heart.
However alongside that comes the issue of the more we experience, the higher our expectations become.

Having been fortunate to sail seven seas and see many river waterways, I had a rather high expectation when recently taking a unique European Waterways barge on the Canal du Midi in France.

I have been selling European Waterways barges for years but I still could not imagine how it worked, why this is so different to river cruising? That is until I got on board the beautiful ANJODI .
The 4 attentive crew members, the captain, the guide, the chef and the boat hostess really come forward to make you feel home, at ease and have the time of your life for 6 night sailing through charming little villages, historic towns and spectacular countryside.
Each and every day our chef prepared local dishes designed to your very own preferences and appetite, all at a very high standard. Our hostess paired it with top quality wines from the region, our guide took us with luxury minivan to a local market, winery and also a brewery to show us how much they support local suppliers. This personal contribution and connection with local producers create a fascinating environment and really make an impression that this product offering is really one of its kind!
Our captain navigates his beloved de luxe 100 year old motor yacht through the 17 century canal system that was purposely built for merchants delivering good at the time.
The itinerary is so diverse. Nicely set from the foot of the Black Mountain to the seaside oyster lagoon going through some remarkable engineering marvels like “the 7 locks”, the water tunnel, the aqueduct near Bezier and many natural wonders from Le Someil to Marseillan.
All of this showcasing why nowadays it has become a favorite spot for holidaymakers to discover the unknown French Savoir Vivre.
I loved every aspect of this very “haute gamme” barging experience, you can do as little or as much you like. The choice is yours. Take a dip in a whirlpool on the top deck, read a book and watch the beauty unfold as the world passes you by or hop on a bike, and conquer the fortified small hamlets and villages, get to the beach and have a sunset swim, take an evening walk through the quaint alley roads and immerse yourself in French culture and your surroundings.
Love it! Believe it! If you are inspired, please come to talk to me. I would be pleased to help arranging your next barge holiday in style.

Published 11th July 2017