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One of Eastern Europe’s best kept secrets.
With the largest square out of any other European City, the bustling markets are vibrant all year
Find out more about this intriguing city including some fun facts you might not have known and first
hand insights into the City, including top tips on where to stay and the best places to eat.

History of Krakow:

A city steeped in history and stunning architecture Krakow makes the perfect destination for history
lovers. The WW2 concentration camp ‘Auschwitz’ is nearby and tours can be organised to pick
you directly up from your hotel. Other tours to the famous Salt Mines are available and again we
can organise these for pick up/drop off at your hotel. Oscar Schindlers Museum can be reached by
foot if staying in the old town as can the old Jewish Quarter, Kasmirez.

By night:

Krakow is a trendy city with an abundance of restaurants, ranging from traditional polish dumplings
& dancing to contemporary Mediterranean cuisine, cocktail and wine bars, and for the real night-
flyers there are some fantastic night clubs to visit too. All very centrally located around the main
square/old town, which is probably the best location to stay in the City.

Recommended Hotels:

Rezydent 3* – Situated in the square with a stunning location. A very traditionally polish hotel
offering excellent value for money.
Pod Roza 5* situated within the square. An amazing hotel, beautifully designed with a very
traditional feel and high standards.

Reccommended Restaurants: (all situated within the square)

Sioux – A native American restaurant, the tables are all ‘wagons’ and the waiters dressed as cowboys
very good fun and very good value for money. Serves Mexican food.
Pimiento – An AMAZING Steak House this was rated as the “best one I have ever been too” by one of
our clients. A pricier restaurant but a great treat for special occasions.
Hawelka – A typical Polish restaurant serving Dumplings, Cabbage and Potatoes on the menu, with a
great atmosphere and lots of polish dancing this is the perfect place to indulge in local culture.
Buddah Bar – In the summer it serves as an outdoor cocktail bar with incense burning and funky
oriental music. In the winter it reverts inside with cosy sofas, oriental décor.
There are a variety of hotels available to suit all budgets and we can offer you the best in terms of
choice to ensure your stay is just what you are expecting.

How to get there:

Ryan air flies there from London Stansted and other regional airports are available. For more
information on flights and availability call us today. We can assist with everything from advising on
luggage allowance to arranging airport parking if required.

Fun Fact:

Back in the main market square of Krakow, one of the largest and most visually spectacular sites is
St. Mary’s Basilica. A tradition in Krakow is that every hour a trumpeter would play atop the tower to
the people in the main square. What is unusual about the tune which is played?
It cuts off mid-stream. The story of this bugle call (known as the heynal) is linked to the numerous
attacks made on the city. The legend goes that in the 13th century (estimated 1241), the bugler
at the top of the tower spotted a large army of Tartar warriors and so sounded the horn to warn
the people of Krakow. His early warning is said to have saved the city. However, he was shot in
the throat by a Tartar archer and was killed in the middle of his bugle call, thus explaining the
significance of the broken tune. Because the tune is played on the hour every hour it is often said
that when in Krakow you need not wear a watch.

Currency in Krakow:

Poland is a member state of the European Union but the euro zone stretches
beyond its western border. So the country has its own currency, zloty, which is the nation’s legal
tender. Nevertheless some establishments, notably hypermarkets, accept payments in euros.


For short breaks to Krakow or other European destinations we look forward to hearing from you.
We can tailor your getaway to suit you and you could even combine it as a 2 centre holiday. With
destinations to indulge most wishes let us know if you have a particular requirement you want
to include in your holiday such as history, cultural, relaxing or inspiring and we look forward to
helping you plan your perfect getaway.

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