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Paris is many things; the sight of the incomparable Notre Dame cathedral at sunset from a river boat as it glides along the River Seine. It’s the sound of a moody accordion filling the humid summer air at any one of a hundred street cafes, strung out on cobbled side streets in Montmartre, as waiters in starched white aprons deliver croissants and cafĂ© au lait to tables awash with early morning sunshine.
It’s the flea markets and street theatre that throng the city parks on an autumn Sunday morning. Portrait painters and mime artists. Women in clouds of Chanel walking impossibly tiny dogs. An entire city as an art form.
Paris is a city for all seasons. Wreathed in a coat of glistening, icy elegance in winter, it emerges into spring clad in a riot of fresh, vibrant blooms that line the myriad cafes and bistros of the Champs Elysees.
High summer finds Paris at her finest; a visual fashion show of artificial sand ‘beaches’ that line the banks of the Seine. You could have dinner amid the sparkling, sumptuous grandeur of the legendary Ritz, or simply stroll the floodlit banks of the slowly rolling Seine as twilight falls.
Autumn finds Paris clad in a smart coat of a thousand shades of slowly falling leaves that cover the grand, grassy carpet of the Bois De Boulogne. There are lovers strolling the graceful, vaulting bridges that loom over the Seine as afternoon folds into evening, and children on fairground rides ablaze with neon.
Paris is the monumental view from the top of the magnificent Arc De Triomphe, and the fabulous, fur and feather boa floor shows at the Folies Bergere. There’s terrific art at the sweeping, impossibly grand expanse of the Louvre, and typical Parisian style cabaret at the legendary Moulin Rouge.
Sacre Couer and Les Invalides will take your breath away, but the true landmark of Paris remains the swaggering Eiffel Tower, a steel colossus that still splinters the Paris skyline. if you have a head for heights, the views from the top are matchless. Or you could simply enjoy a fantastic meal at the restaurant on the second level.
Paris is a vast, matchless smorgasbord of stunning sights, sumptuous cuisine and broad, magnificent tree lined boulevards. A city for all tastes that will whet the appetite at any time of the year. Frivolous, fashionable yet fun loving, and totally unforgettable once sampled.

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