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Belmond British Pullman

I really love and indeed enjoy European train travel and have over my many years in travel have had some amazing opportunities.  Whether aboard a slow local train or a high-speed version that will take you from one large city to another, travelling by rail is always a joy. Combine that with history luxury, and you have the British Belmond. The Belmond British Pullman is the sister train of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express and is made up of a collection of historic Pullman carriages. Based at Victoria Station in London, the train makes regular luxury day trips and short journeys within England.  There are year-round offers on a variety of itineraries each month. Some of the itineraries are all about enjoying the vintage luxury train setting; options include fine dining lunch journeys, exquisitely British afternoon teas and murder mystery tours.

My first experience on board, I travelled from London to Liverpool.  The moment I stepped on board I felt like a VERY special guest.  I was immediately struck by the timeless elegance of the carriages.  The grace and the glamour that has been created throughout is decadent and surprisingly warm.

Here are a few of my tips to ensure you make the most of this very special day:

  1. Book in advance, all of the itineraries get booked in advance
  2. Consider this for any special occasion, whilst it is not the cheapest experience, in my mind it’s worth every penny
  3. Dress accordingly, the experience is timeless and elegant so you will feel even more special if you dress for the occasion
  4. Try to arrange a lift at the end of the journey, the champagne is really rather lovely
  5. The food is quite delicious so don’t go having a big breakfast before your experience
  6. Look carefully at all the trips, they are some super ideas which combine the beauty of the train with some of the equally lovely country houses of historic towns
  7. Sit back and enjoy, don’t even worry about taking photographs as Belmond will send you a selection after your trip
  8. Immerse yourself in the history, all the staff will be delighted to share some wonderful stories with you
  9. If you really do love the history and you want to learn more about James Sherwood, his dream, and his journey to relaunch the Orient-Express, I recommend reading his book Orient Express: A Personal Journe
  10. Arrive in good time for your trip, to allow you to enjoy the whole experience without the worry of being late!

Timeless travel across Great Britain

Expect luxury, glamour and a dash of adventure on an unforgettable trip through the British countryside

Restored to their former glory, the Belmond British Pullman’s carriages are as famous today as in the heyday of train travel. Whether you prefer afternoon tea, flowing champagne or both—as many guests do—there’s a journey for everyone. Whichever you choose, we guarantee that you’ll be whisked back to a more elegant era.