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A holiday that has just been a wish list holiday experience for many. Since COVID, bookings to this unforgettable holiday destination have soared as I feel families feel they want to make sure they have lots of treasured memories. I have to confess that for me, this holiday experience is even better than you may imagine and personally I think better than Disney as it allows your child/grandchild to really believe!

Can you imagine – you fly into Lapland and everything you can see, including the runway, is covered in snow. Immediately a child’s perception is “this is real, there really is a Lapland so Santa must be real”! You then are given appropriate warm clothing as it’s very cold! You proceed to your transfer to get closer to Santa, sometimes this is by coach, some packages you even get taken by sleigh! On route you pass through fields laden with Christmas Trees growing and the coach may even have to stop a few times to allow the roaming reindeer to cross the road. The magic is real, and it allows us to fully immerse our children’s imagination! Magical. This is all before you even arrive to meet the Elves, Santa and all the fun of the many snow activities… Each and every family we have sent to Lapland this winter has come back saying just how incredible the experience was. My advice is – if you can afford it – you MUST do it. It really is worth it.

Top 10 tips

  • It is definitely worth trying to do at least 2 days, as if only one it’s a very long day and children will be tired!
  • If you are planning a day trip, I would recommend children should be over 7 – it’s a long day and I think too much for children any younger.
  • There are many opportunities from local airports, which help make the trip easier for you.
  • Find a trip that has all the activities included. The trips that you WILL WANT to take part in are expensive, so a trip with all included is so much better for you all.
  • Wear layers, so you can add more once you arrive in Lapland – it’s a lot colder than you will be used to. You are provided with warm clothing but the layering is a good tip to!
  • Watch out for the Aldi and Lidi ski sales in November. You can pick up all ski gear including base layers, ski socks and snow boots for a fraction of what they would cost in a ski shop. Sign up for their newsletter now, so you will get advance warning when they are going on sale!
  • Book in advance. These trips get booked up so quickly and we don’t want you to be disappointed.
  • Pre-book any extra activities you may wish to take part in as early as you can, again this is due to everything being so popular.
  • Make sure you have a good camera – this is photo heaven!
  • Pack a snack or two! Days are long and with scheduled times allotted for lunch and dinner, snacks can be a lifesaver.