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Las Vegas

Las Vegas, many say, you will either love it or hate it.  However, you feel, in my mind you must visit!  You will find everything from spectacular stage shows and death-defying acts of magic, to dancing water fountains and a ridiculous number of casinos, This City of Lights is a dazzling playground for all. It’s a sensory overload and provides excitement at every turn.  Combine this with the many opulent hotels whom endeavour to literally transport you to every corner of the world.

My top tips for Los Angeles

  1. An absolute must for anyone travelling to Las Vegas is a visit to the Grand Canyon.  There is an array of trips, I highly recommend the longer flight that includes landing in the heart of the Canyon with time to enjoy the surroundings and a glass of champagne too.  Our outward flight was about 45 minutes and the scenery changes from the flashing sky scraping town to one of open landscapes that are so diverse you have to see to believe, then for the return enjoy another 30 minutes flight taking in incredible scenery.  One of the most exciting travel related experiences I have ever had.
  2. Stay in the Bellagio Hotel, and your room type MUST be with a fountain view room. The regular shows that are run day and night, are a treat from your own room
  3. Eat outside of the Strip, the prices will be so much cheaper
  4. Take Lunch rather than dinner at Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, you should easily get a table whereas in the evenings unless you have pre-booked you will be disappointed
  5. Book a show, or concert in advance. We enjoyed Cirque du Soleil’s show The Beatles and we loved it!
  6. Take a walk into the “original strip” to see the Vegas of old
  7. Take a photo at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada sign. Created in 1959, the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas”
  8. Have fun in the Casino’s, maybe set a limit of how much you don’t mind spending
  9. Simply take some time to go and look around all the famous hotels that simply allow you to imagine you might be in Paris, Venice, Rome and so much more
  10. Not for the faint hearted! Take lunch at The Heart Attack Grill, this restaurant is a gimmick and promotes the fact that it takes a point of serving food that is very high in fat, sugar and cholesterol

Good to Know

Read the basic information and also some fun facts about Las Vagas! Here you will find everything you should know…



Visa Requirements

For UK Passport holders you will need an ESTA for entry into America

Languages spoken


Currency Used

US Dollars

Fun Fact

There are often up to 300 weddings a day here.