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Venice is an enchanting city and is renowned for being a city for romance. I have now been three times, and still find so many new and wonderful hidden gems each time I visit.  The islands are in the shallow Venetian Lagoon, an enclosed bay which lies between the mouths of the Po and the Piave Rivers (more exactly between the Brenta and the Sile).  The Grand Canal is the centre of activity, with authentic gondoliers in abundance as they take passengers in their boats inside all the magnificent canals and let you know all about the history of this truly remarkable city.  Did you know that the black coloured gondolas date from 1562, at that time, Doge Girolamo Priuli issued a ban on colourful gondolas which sumptuous decoration was only meant to impress!  I highly recommend you take a trip on one of these so you can get into the real heart of the city.  The magnificent Piazza San Marco (often known as St Mark’s Square) is another must-see. Architecture, museums, the stunning Basilica, famous buildings and monuments, alfresco bars and cafes and boutique shops and along the winding streets you’ll find many more stylish cafes and gelaterias, souvenir shops and small businesses, plus Renaissance palaces and Gothic churches.

  1. Enjoy some time in St Marks Square, marveling at the stunning architecture of all the buildings that surround you
  2. If you like Venetian art history, book a private touch of the Basilica with an art historian.
  3. Ensure you take a day trip to island of Burano, the most picture-perfect little village that is a delight. The perfect place to purchase some of the many arts and crafts and much cheaper than if you buy from the center of Venice
  4. Enjoy a tour around Doge’s Palace
  5. Be prepared to wonder off, enjoy the many little paths that lead out of the center. Enjoy the architecture of this water city and all its many little bridges
  6. Take a Gondola ride. It’s a must
  7. Use the water bus, its so reasonably priced and is a great way to see so much more of this wonderful city
  8. Treat yourself to at least one water taxi ride, you’ll feel just like a movie star
  9. A room with a view! The lagoon view rooms in Venice come at a premium, so it might be worth considering a river cruise along the River Po where your hotel for the week is on the lagoon itself and affords the very best views.   You can also stay onboard a cruise boat for as little as 3 nights which will ultimately be cheaper than any lagoon view hotel
  10. Take a stroll to Rialto Bridge. It’s the cities most iconic bridge in the city.  1000’s of tourist flock here daily to enjoy the view for themselves.  As you walk across the bridge you will find jewellery and souvenir shops.. the shops are more expensive here so my advice is look but buy elsewhere

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Fun Fact

Venice is built on logs! Venice is built on millions of petrified logs that have been driven in to the ground. These logs were mainly from Alder Trees. They were brought to Venice by boat from countries such as Slovenia and Croatia